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August 2017 Parent Power News

Orientation Edition
Charlotte L. Matthew, M.Ed., Principal
Nichelle Logan Jones, M.Ed., AP
Patrice W. Joseph, M.Ed., AP
Making Connections!
Welcome to the 2017-2018school year at Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School. We are happy that you have made the decision to trust us with your child’s education. It is always an exciting time when we have a new beginning. Our theme this school year is Making Connections!
There will be many, many opportunities for parental involvement this school year. Dionya Mills, our parent liaison, will be your link to volunteerism at Franklin. Our LEAP and iLEAP test scores once again kept us as one of the top scoring schools in New Orleans. Working smarter and together we can continue to fulfill our motto: Beyond Expectations.

We are calling on all families to be involved at school. Your involvement is the key ingredient to your child's success at school. For the 2017 - 2018 school year, make a promise to become your child's biggest coach in the areas where they need confidence. Did you know that research shows parents are the biggest factor in their children's educational success? With just three small steps, you can have a huge impact on your child's future. Encourage and support your child's education by being involved in three simple ways.

1.      Reading or speaking to your child, even twenty minutes a day can improve academic skills and raise IQ scores.
2.      Studies have shown that parents who volunteer at their child’s school are more likely to have successful kids. We are asking parents to volunteer at least 12 hours this year.
3.      Research has found that when parents partner with teachers, help with homework, and attend parent teacher conferences students are better prepared and more successful.
You are your child’s first teacher. Working together we will all be successful.
Orientation Agenda
·         Welcome and Introductions
·         BFE information and initiatives
·         PTO
·         Getting To and From School
·         Other Concerns
The orientation will take place in the school cafeteria at both campuses. 

Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics & Science School

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Proud to be a New Orleans Public School!

Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School
1116 Jefferson Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Charlotte L. Matthew, Principal

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