January 2018 Parent Power News

January 2018
Charlotte L. Matthew, M.Ed., Principal
Nichelle Logan Jones, M.Ed., A.P.
Patrice Woods Joseph, M.Ed., A.P.
Principal’s Message
Happy New Year to all of our Benjamin Franklin Families! Let’s resolve to make this our most loving, productive, and hopeful year ever. We are halfway through the school year and at a critical juncture for our students. One semester is over and we have only a part of a semester to make sure our students are ready for the state mandated tests which judge student and school progress.
We also have been approved to Charter for the 2018-2019 school year. Parents are an integral part of our Charter and we will be getting input at our PTO meetings in January and February as we put plans in place for next year’s implementation. In order for us to go Beyond Expectations with our Legacy of Excellence Charter, we all need to get behind this transition for a better BFE! Thank you for your continued support.
Student Progress
Report cards will be distributed Thursday, January 11th.   Along with the report card, Performance Series Data will also be sent home for you to review the objectives your child has currently mastered and those still needing to be mastered. It is very important that you review the information so you can assist your child in becoming the best he or she can be.
If your child is in danger of failing due to not meeting state attendance requirements, and/or academic requirements you will be asked to have a conference with your child’s teacher(s) to sign a Student Study Educational Plan. Data will be reviewed and you will receive recommended interventions that will be done in the classroom and also things that must be done away from school to help your child succeed.
Students of the Year!
Each year we select two students as Students of the Year, one from fifth and one from eighth grade. Congratulations to Trea’Sure McMaster and Stoney McKnight. Trea’Sure is our fifth grade Student of the Year. Stoney is our eighth grade Student of the Year.
To qualify for Student of the Year, a student must have an A average the two previous school years and the first semester of this year. Trea’Sure and Stoney are true examples of wonderful Benjamin Franklin students who do it the Benjamin Franklin Way!! We wish them well in the Citywide Competition.
New Year’s Resolutions
It is that time again when we set goals for ourselves and endeavor to keep them longer than the month of January. We all know the feeling of meeting a goal. I have asked all of our students to write down goals for 2018. Please ask to see their goal sheet and set goals with your child(ren) and then acknowledge their successes, along with reinforcing the resolutions that need more attention.
Behavior Expectations
As stated in our Student/Parent Handbook, our school operates within the framework of a positive discipline program to teach self-responsibility.  We encourage appropriate behavior and use logical consequences when a student’s behavior interferes with their learning or the learning rights of others. 
Our mission is for each student to excel academically and individually.  The school’s primary responsibility is to maintain discipline and a climate conducive to excellent instruction in the classroom. Students must behave in a respectful manner to all students and adults in the building and when in the community to community members as well. We must have an academic focus at all times in order to make the necessary gains in student knowledge. Please discuss with your child the importance of following all school rules and doing things the Benjamin Franklin Way. There will be zero tolerance of students who disrupt the learning environment or exhibit a lack of respect for our hardworking staff. Violation of student conduct regulations may lead to detention, suspension, or possible expulsion.  As well as discipline, we are taking a firm stand on the wearing of our school uniform. Shirts are to be tucked in and pants belted.  White socks must be worn with solid black shoes. All students are expected to be in full uniform every day. All clothing items must be labeled with the student’s name.  Any outerwear that is intended to be worn during the school day must coordinate with the uniform. Attendance is also mandatory for success in school. Please be part of the solution for your child’s success at school.

Proud to be a New Orleans Public School!

Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School
1116 Jefferson Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Charlotte L. Matthew, Principal

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