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March 2018 Parent Power News

March 2018 Edition
Charlotte L. Matthew, M.Ed., Principal
Nichelle Logan Jones, M.Ed., A.P.
Patrice Woods Joseph, M.Ed., A.P

Principal’s Message
Thank you to all of the parents and staff who attended our February PTO meeting. We will officially become a Legacy of Excellence Charter school July 1, 2018. PTO input and support during this transition time is very important. A group of parents, led by Marissa O’Quin are planning to meet before the next meeting to get a jump start on many of the items discussed at the meeting. If you would like to be a part of this group, please call the school and leave your contact information which we will give to Mrs. O’Quin. GET INVOLVED!
Our Black History Program was again outstanding, led by our Program Chair, Keith Turner. It can be viewed on the Cox Educational Channel. Please check the listings. Two of our performances were invited to perform at Mc 35’s Black History Program. Our Liturgical Dancers under the direction of Dot’Toya Jones and our Black Men Rising, under the direction of Keith Turner performed Wednesday, February 28th and were outstanding. Thank you to all who contributed to the success of our program.
We continue to shine as a non-selective enrollment school creating an environment where all students can experience success. Here are some of this month’s recognitions:
OPEN Awards
Six schools, three elementary and three high schools earned OPEN’s Absolute Achievement Award. This award is given to schools that have consistently demonstrated superior academic performance and an inclusive school culture that contributes to the effectiveness of its teachers and the success of its students. The Orleans Public Education Network envisions a place where public policy decisions are inclusive, transparent, and community aligned: where all residents, regardless of race or economic status are given equal access to excellent education; where schools serve students in environments that affirm their self-concepts, draw on the strengths of local culture, and engage their family units fully and respectfully.
Greater N.O. Science and Engineering Fair
Since the onset of our middle school campus, we have participated in the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair. This fair provides an opportunity for students to show the results of their efforts in the fields of scientific inquiry and engineering design with projects that are products of many hours of study, experimentation and sacrifice. Our students who enter the GNOSEF have taken the first step on a path which could bring them local, national, or international recognition and honors. Six of our Middle School students participated in this year’s fair. The awards ceremony was held at Tulane University and all six students received awards. For the general fair:
K. Moore, Third place winner (Received cash prize and medal)
P. Carney, Fourth place winner
(Received cash prize and medal)
C. Hughes, Fourth place winner
(Received cash prize and medal)
Special awards went to:
M. Carey, First Place from NASA Earth System Science Award (a National Award)
W. Dixon, First Place from the Office of Naval Research (a National Award)
J. Rhodes, Second Place from Mad Science of Southeast LA.
Thank you to our dedicated teachers and staff for your support.

Proud to be a New Orleans Public School!

Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School
1116 Jefferson Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Charlotte L. Matthew, Principal

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