November 2017 Parent Power News

November 2017 Edition


Charlotte L. Matthew, Principal

Nichelle Logan Jones, A.P.

Patrice Joseph, A.P.


Principal’s Message


A Season for Thanksgiving!

What a glorious season! We have so many reasons to be thankful, not just for the obvious blessings like food and shelter, but for the multitude of things that we often take for granted. From home to school to work to play, let’s take time from our usual routines to look for good and positive things and give thanks. We are thankful for our faculty who continue to do a great job utilizing effective instructional processes and keeping our students engaged. We are thankful for the families that are keeping up with the social and academic progress of their children and make sure our students are completing their homework and are on time every day. We are thankful for our PTO and our parents who participate in our Title I workshops and special events. We are thankful for our Volunteers who come out faithfully to assist us.

We give thanks to our students, staff, and families who support our anti-littering, recycling and school beautification efforts. We are thankful for the generous giving spirit of our school community. There are many other things we are thankful for. We appreciate each and every person who is dedicated to the continued improvement of our school!


Staying Connected

There are many ways to stay connected as a Baby Ben family. Our monthly calendar is updated on our website, when new events are added. We also have a Facebook page Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School. If you have a account you can join this group. There are opportunities for discussions as well as posting pictures of our school events. This is a closed group, so you have to request permission to join as it is only open to our school community. We have a Twitter account, too! BabyBen@OPSBabyBen  Follow us and add your comments! All parents should also be keeping up with their child’s progress on PowerSchool and DoJo.


Enrichment Fee

We are thankful for our families that have paid the enrichment fee of $75.00. If you have not paid the fee, please do so as soon as possible. We have obligated ourselves to the vendors supplying our school with items like ID’s, Scholastic magazines, webbased programs, and field trip tee shirts to name a few. Compared to the enrichment fees and budgets from surrounding schools, ours is a bargain! Also, $15.00 of every fee goes directly to the homeroom class for enrichment activities. PLEASE support your school and enable us to continue to provide the extras that make our school exceptional!!



Proud to be a New Orleans Public School!

Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School
1116 Jefferson Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Charlotte L. Matthew, Principal

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